How Austin Cut One Third of Its Spending on the Police Department

In September of 2019, Austin city councilman Greg Casar spoke before his colleagues as they were poised to infuse an additional $20 million into the city’s police department, in part to hire 30 new officers. He hoped to restrain the city’s spending on the department, after some policemen had been accused of using excessive force […]

What Does MAGA Look Like After Trump? This Weekend’s Protests Offer Clues.

This weekend, a few hundred Texans gathered at Dallas City Hall to protest a stolen presidential election and, with it, the triumph of a global cabal of pedophiles, the introduction of Caracas-style economics, and the imminent end of the Republic. Allen West, the camera-loving chair of the Republican party of Texas, served as the master […]

The San Antonio Spurs Finally Unveil a Longtime Fan Favorite: The Fiesta Jersey

San Antonio Spurs fans don’t ask for much. We love our coach, we’re fiercely loyal to our players (unless their Uncle Dennis tries to orchestrate their move to another city), and we cheer on new team members. Even when the team is struggling, we keep the faith. But there’s just one thing that fans young […]

Beyoncé Runs Your Peloton Class

It’s an especially stressful time, and an unusually paradoxical one. What with all the tension surrounding the somehow-still-lingering presidential election, we’d all probably benefit from getting a little exercise. But odds are, you’re feeling nervous about hitting up the gym during a somehow-still-raging pandemic. So maybe you’re one of the many who finally splurged on […]

Turkey for a Small Thanksgiving Gathering

While we love the Rockwell-esque imagery of a large multi-generational Thanksgiving gathering, many of us will choose to host a small number of family members and/or friends at this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. In fact, research sponsored by the nation’s largest grocery chain, Kroger, shows 43 percent of its shoppers plan to spend the 2020 holiday […]

In His Gripping Narrative Debut ‘Mogul Mowgli,’ a Houston-Bred Documentary Filmmaker Draws on Lineage and Legacy

In Bassam Tariq’s new film Mogul Mowgli, a rapper named Zed goes through his childhood bedroom, listening to cassettes of raps he’d taped over his father’s traditional Pakistani music. He’s made a quick trip home before embarking on what could be a potentially life-changing tour, surrounded by relics of his father’s past businesses. The British-Pakistani rapper […]

BBQ News Roundup: Thanksgiving Tragedy at Greenberg Smoked Turkeys

After being closed to the public since March, Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, which is only open on Saturdays, will reopen this Saturday morning at 8:00am sharp. Spicy Mike’s Bar-B-Q Haven in Amarillo has survived a fire, multiple family tragedies, and a quadruple bypass for owner Mike Havens, and all of that was before 2020. Sadly, […]