Who Is Austin’s Citizen Police Academy Meant to Serve?

In the years after unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by a member of a neighborhood watch group in Florida in 2012, James Nortey, an attorney, felt called to get involved in his community in Austin. He began attending forums about policing, where he noticed that representatives from the Austin Police Department typically deflected […]

“It’s the Most Outrageous Thing I’ve Ever Seen. It Makes No Sense.”

In his darkest hours, Lydell Grant would think back to the promise he’d made to his mother. Ever since arriving at the Hughes Unit, a maximum-security prison in Gatesville, just west of Waco, Grant had developed fanatical work habits. He rose each morning at 3 a.m. and did three hundred push-ups and 150 sit-ups. By […]

Dining Guide: Highlights From Our November 2020 Issue

Texas Monthly adds and updates approximately sixty restaurant listings to our Dining Guide each month. There’s limited space in the print issue, but the entire searchable guide to the best of Texas cuisine is at your fingertips online! Below are a few highlights from the new restaurants reviewed in our November 2020 issue. Click “More Info” for further detail […]

Green Mountain Grills Wood Fired Pizza Attachment Review

Dave Joachim Wood Fired Pizza Attachment Yes – You Can Make Neapolitan Style Pizzas On Your Pellet Smoker  I’m definitely not the first barbecue fanatic to dream of owning a wood-fired pizza oven in my backyard. What’s stopping me? The price! A legit built-in, wood-fired brick oven costs thousands of dollars. Plus, what if I […]

A Houston Suburb’s Mayoral Race Has Become a Texas Bellwether

It took only a brief mention of public health during an online forum in late September to reveal the partisan influences at work in the officially nonpartisan mayoral election in Pearland, a fast-growing suburb south of Houston. When candidate Quentin Wiltz noted the value of contact tracing to help limit the spread of the novel […]

Diedrick Brackens’ New Exhibition Mythologizes Blackness and Queerness

The visual artist Diedrick Brackens was born in Mexia in 1989. The small city, which has a population of about 7,500, is home to many members of Brackens’ extended family; although his immediate family moved around for his father’s job in the military, his parents wanted to maintain a connection to their family and Texas. […]

The Early Voting Numbers in Texas Are Bonkers. Here’s What That Does and Doesn’t Tell Us.

For Democrats trying to explain how they can win in Texas, the line has long been that it’s not a Republican state, it’s a non-voting state. The second half of that claim has been true historically: Texas has routinely brought up the rear on lists of states ranked by voter participation. But 2020 is setting […]