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When you shop for hickory cooking pellets for your pellet grill, you want 100% hickory pellets. But, if you named most hickory pellets based on ingredients, you would get products like “5% Hickory Pellets” or “Oak Pellets With Artificial Hickory Flavor.” Don’t worry — rising from the Appalachian Backwoods comes the tastiest pure 100% hickory wood pellets out there.

We get that when you buy hickory smoking pellets, you want pellets actually made from hickory. That’s why we make Supreme Pellets with 100% Appalachian hickory — no added flavor, no extra fluff. Just a rich, smoky flavor that will have you coming back for seconds. After all, Ol’ Hick smoke ain’t no joke!


While our hickory pellets have a reputation for smoke, they can do so much more. Consider Ol’ Hick your sous-chef for recipes involving:

  • Grilling: What’s a wood pellet grill without grilling? Cook your favorite steaks, burgers, hot dogs and more.
  • Smoking: Turn your wood pellet grill down to low temperature (225-275 is our favorite) to smoke meats. Use Ol’ Hick pellets, and you don’t even have to worry about the mess of charcoal or the pain with regulating wood chips.
  • Barbecuing: Think of barbecuing as a mix between grilling and smoking. You put your food on the grill, but you cook it low and slow instead of hot and fast. You can use most oven or slow-cooker barbecue recipes in your pellet grill.
  • Baking: Cooking with indirect heating, your pellet grill is like an oven (with flavor) that will bake desserts and savory meals. Go conventional and make your main course, or get creative and craft a unique sweet treat.
  • Roasting: Grill, smoke and roast meat all in the same grill. The grill will sear in the flavor while your roasting pan cooks it to perfection.
  • Braising: Braise pork and other meats in your pellet grill to add a smoky flavor to already delightful recipes.

UseSupreme Pellets to cook chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and even dessert!. Anything that goes with added smoky flavor goes with Ol’ Hick. Carnivores and vegetarians alike can enjoy the rich, smoky taste in their favorite food. Need more inspiration for what to do with Ol’ Hick pellets? Check out our recipe gallery — we have ideas for culinary geniuses of all kinds.


Just like our heating pellets, our Ol’ Hick cooking pellets meet the Energex Standard. Our plants are Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards Program certified for heating pellets, but we didn’t want to stop there. We go above and beyond the industry benchmark by testing our products for quality every step of the way. Our manufacturing process only uses pure hickory to make Supreme pellets — anything else doesn’t go on the shelves. The Supreme Pellets customer service and marketing teams also keep Ol’ Hick customers in mind. Find us at our next grilling expo, or message a representative for assistance.

Ready to taste Supreme Pellets smoke during your next cookout? Find a dealer in your area to buy it in person. Or, become a reseller today to see how Ol’ Hick can add some flavor to your business.


1 Ton- 50 Bags, 3 Ton- 150 Bags, 5 Ton- 250 Bags, 10 Ton- 500 Bags


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